Jen Albert is an editor, writer, avid reader, game-player, live-streamer, former professional entomologist, and haver of far too many hobbies. She has worked as an editor of speculative fiction for three years, starting as an associate editor at the Hugo Award–winning Uncanny Magazine. She is currently co-editor at PodCastle, an award-winning fantasy fiction podcast and magazine that regularly publishes some of the most prominent science fiction and fantasy authors working today.

Jen currently lives and works in Toronto. She is an editor and fact-checker at Colborne Communications, where she does work for a number of private, public, and industry clients including Oxford University Press, U of T Magazine, Aplia, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, MPAC, and many others.

You can contact her via email at jenralbert@gmail.com or follow her on twitter @jenralbert.